“Shiny happy couple in La Habana”

La Habana, Cuba

Elena is pure light and, according to her, rather than see the glass half full, she prefers to fill it.

Javi and his bright blue eyes, since childhood he is known as “Happy”.

With such a presentation, it is not surprising that they chose Cuba as the perfect place to get married because Elena and Javi could perfectly be a “Shiny happy people” … in Havana.

All this light and joy, pushed them to take love one step further, making their wedding a Cuban experience for everyone:

The experience of knowing the Cuban roots of Elena, from the moment they decided to marry in the same church in which years ago, their grandparents got married.

The experience of living in our own skin (and feet) the Cuban flow in 3 days of celebration!

But above all, the wonderful experience of seeing how love crosses frontiers.

Is amazing to see how there are guests coming from different parts of the world to share that moment of happiness … but in this case, all of them were from different places! I could say that 99% of the guests were from anywhere, except Cuba. And there we all were, some of us working, others as guests, but aaall of us … enjoying their particular Cuban party, celebrating and spreading love all around!

It is amazing what the energy and positivity of Elena and Javi can do, and the number of smiles that always surround them. But, when a couple radiates love in this way … it receives it in huge quantities!

I always say that the more love you give, the better you are, and at weddings like this I could saw it with my own eyes (and camera), because every time I see these photos I travel back to the beautiful and colorful Havana, living again those three days of celebration of love that Elena and Javier gave us.



Church: Iglesia San Juan de Letrán. La Havana
Celebraci├│n: La Divina Pastora. La Havana
Wedding Planner: airedefiestacuba
Wedding dress: Atelier Fernando Claro
Suit: Old Jeffrey
Makeup and hairdressing: Natalia Belda
Flowers: Mila Navarro