“A wedding in the islands”

Corfú, Greek Islands

It is said that the journey begins with one step. In one of our usual dinners I remember that Raquel Benito mentioned she was going to cover a wedding on the Greek Islands in June. On hearing this, I dropped my spring roll and said, “I’m going with you” and a month later Domin called to arrange my airplane tickets.

On arriving in Corfu the four of us climbed into a tiny blue car, which we immediately named “cielito”, and set off round the island to look for the best locations. The wedding was going to take place at the Achilleion Palace, which is on the top of a hill, it used to be Sissy’s summer palace, and it is full of statues of Achilles and other mythological beings. We felt as if we had been transported into another time.

We stayed at a beautiful country hotel full of exotic mosquitoes (Cris and I fought against them every night with the help of a towel). We began our wedding photographic coverage at Sina’s family home on the other side of the island, the atmosphere was relaxed and at the same time very cosmopolitan. People from all around the world had come to celebrate the wedding and spend their holidays with Sina & Hasan. No matter were one stood the views of the Adriatic Sea were incredible.

The wedding was really beautiful. Not only because they had chosen a spectacular place to celebrate it or that they were married under a gigantic statue of Achilles or that the dinner had taken place in an open terrace where a pianist was singing and he sounded like Sinatra. The wedding was beautiful because where ever you looked you saw people smiling. There were people from all over the world, sitting together chatting and sharing different stories about the bride and groom. There was a feeling of positive energy and love in the air. It was a moment to share, to get to know each other and together begin a whole new story.

Thanks Sina & Hassan for showing me that love brings together not only couples, but also people from different countries. I would like to express my gratitude to Raquel, because this journey wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thanks Cristina Rocha because this is the first journey of many that we are going to do together. Thanks Domin, because if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have arrived to our destiny (Domin is our Sherpa, the one who takes care of our group). Thanks Moncho, my love, because we have also removed frontiers.