“Galician Tradition and Modernity”

Vigo, Galice


In the middle of a forest beneath the stars, Carmen and David celebrated their wedding. They chose the Pazo de Cea, one of the most spectacular old homes in Ponteverda as it is the perfect complementary balance of Galician tradition and the modernity of its vanguard cuisine.” (Bogas Magazine, 2019)


Galicia. The days when the sunshine is a gift like on the day of Carmen and David’s wedding. A delicious wedding set in the front patio under the grand staircase of the Pazo de Cea, full of flowers and carpets of colors. That magical crown of flowers that Carmen wore on her head. The antique car and vespa to make their arrival. A couple that didn’t leave out any detail. That’s how they always imagined their wedding, and they celebrated it fully enjoying every minute with their friends and family. A second fascinator for the dance and a neon party with a photo booth in a vintage fan.


Wedding Planner: El sofa Amarillo
Location: Pazo de Cea
Dress: Isabel Nuñez
Flowers: Verdeagua
Ceremony Music: Blue Monk Trio
Party Group: Broken Peach
DJ: RMusic. Edu Romero