“Endless Summer”


Anita and Yago were married in late September—in those days when summer seems to want to stay forever. For Anita, the Quinta del Jarama is here home and the beauty of knowing every square inch of a place well is that you know how to make magic with it. Like in a summer dream, she transformed the great hall into a forest full of colores, flowers and soft lights that drew tress and branches on the walls. A staging worthy of an artist with deep creative capacity. And like in all good dreams, next to a creative spirit is a strong, protective spirit that listens and supports all of the other’s wild ideas; Yago smiles with his big green eyes. They are the perfect harmony: madness with its feet on the ground, full of love.


Ceremony: La Quinta del Jarama
Dress: Juanjo Oliva
MUAH: Alvaro Talayero
Flowers: Floreale