“Wedding destination Sweden”


Hundiksvall, Suecia

Marcos is the most well-balanced person I know. He knows how to enjoy life, his friends, his family and Kris. He is a party person, a good counsellor and probably one of the persons with best sense of humour I’ve ever met.

Marcos found Kris, she is Swedish but if your didn’t know you would think she is Spanish. She has no accent and a good sense of humour. She has a smiling face, is charismatic, attentive and with an incredible memory.

They met and fell in love and after a relationship of three years decided to get married. But their wedding wasn’t going to take place in any old place! They like to live it up, so they had a wedding that lasted for two days in Hudiksval, Kris’ hometown, in summer when the sun never sets. It was perfect, especially for all of us who didn’t want the wedding ever to end.

We travelled to Hudiksval; we were two photographers and two videographers. There Marcos and Kris showed us how your attitude towards life makes the difference


Photography and video: Volvoreta

Dress: Oh que Luna

Party: Finca en Hudiksvall, Suecia

> see the video of the wedding