“In the Baronia”


Sant Feliu, Barcelona

Jess and Jimmy are those kind of people that once you have met them, you will never forget them. They are from California but have Spanish blood and have a personality that radiates. When we first talked it was through a Skype chat and I felt I had known Jess all my life. We had so many things in common: we have the same dog, exactly the same one! The same life philosophy, we had even travelled to Bali on the same dates. We had such a good laugh that they both ended up talking to my mother! That’s the way they are, close, charming and funny. Some time after I met Jess in Bali where I took some photographs of her Hen Party finally the great day arrived, or rather I should say days!!! They had three days of celebrations prior to the wedding with different themes and then a beautiful wedding day in Baronia, Barcelona.

I adore people like Jess and Jimmy that enjoy life and the present moment and know how to be surrounded by LOVE.



Photography: Volvoreta

Country House: La Baronia