“That afternoon in Pastrana”


Pastrana, Guadalajara

Jaime and Blanca make up a couple with a strong personality. The first time I saw them at my studio, Blanca said: “ My dream had always been to have a very hippy wedding in the country side, and just with a few guests, and now it has become a huge wedding with 600 hundred guests”. She said this laughing, of course, because the most important thing for them was the joy of celebrating their wedding surrounded by all their family and friends.

Jaime is a solicitous groom who likes to joke saying things like: he is the sensitive one of the two. Blanca is spontaneous and doesn’t like to be tied down to timetables. They both wanted to spend an unforgettable weekend with relatives and friends. And so it was. Nor the decorations nor the beauty of the place was important. It was the people that made that weekend special.

We spent two great days filled with laughter, and also unexpected situations with happy ending. I can still remember when Jaime’s relatives had to push the car, or the moment when in the middle of the dinner party his father danced on top of the table.

Thanks Blanca and Jaime for trusting in us, and specially for being just how you really are. You are amazing!


Photography: Volvoreta

Location: El Convento del Carmen, Pastrana.

Church: Colegiata de la Asunción

Dress Design: Laure de Sagazan

Headdress: Luis Benitez

Bride’s bouquet : Monica Martinez-Bordiú

Hairstyles and makeup: Kike Crespo

Catering: La Cococha

Video: Cristina Trenas

Invitations: Relieves Heysa

Music: Grupo Alborada

Dj: MaDrid Sound