Head photographer

It is by taking photographs that I feel a complete person, I look at the world through my camera and I get to know myself better, learn and enjoy in equal measure. Therefore I cannot be more fortunate, because I am able to devote myself to this profession, and enjoy every day with what I do. What would I be without photography?

I have never known exactly why I engaged in photography. When I was studying Art History I began taking photos non-stop, the camera was with me at all times.

Art makes life become bearable and also enjoyable, through art it is possible to seek beauty where, very possibly, there is none at first sight.

The theory that I had studied so much in class was put into practice, and I exchanged slides and texts for a camera. At that time, and after having taken some photographs I would spend a long time in the darkroom, mesmerised by those red lights, under which it was possible to make magic.

I enjoy covering weddings because I can enter into a different reality, an intimate celebration. I like to use my camera to tell a story, your story. To capture all those details that say so much about you, and also to capture the look of all those who share that special day with you – a day to be remembered because it is so lively and vibrant-.

I like to move among you searching for that special something that makes me shoot and capture that unique moment in time.