Head videographer

Since I was small I was fascinated by photography. My father gave me my first analogue camera and since then I haven’t stopped looking trough the viewfinder. I still remember when I first developed my first photograph; it was a stray small dog next to a gigantic rock.

I was touched by the stories the characters told in the images and I slowly moved towards filming, looking for new characters.

I began doing documentaries because I was fascinated with people, and later I made films because I loved the stories.

I combine different elements and express in my work my passion for light and framing. I want everything I film in each shot to express the situation and feelings to the fullest. So in this way, each wedding is an opportunity to capture the spectacular moment when two people, like in the movies become part of each other’s stories with a world of adventures ahead of them.

Head videographer

Every time I arrive to a new city I observe its light. Every city has its own unique light, a light that reflects on the city buildings, on the skin of the people that live there and on their lives. I like to observe the small details of each scene, how the lines become drawings, and also the energy of the movement.

That is my starting point to approach filming videos; trying to capture how the light and lines tell the story of the city.

On a wedding day the personal universe of a couple becomes real and everything around them becomes that place they had imagined for themselves. They are the centre of the world, the bride is a princess dressed in her endless dress and the groom is the happiest man in the whole world. It is a very real story and we can capture it forever and ever.

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