We are with you since the moment you start to get ready (2 hours at the bride’s house and 1hour and a half at the groom’s house), and we stay until two hours after the celebration party has began. Extra time can be contracted after those two hours.

We are home based in Madrid and we have recently opened a new photographic studio in Vigo (Galicia, Spain).
We love travelling, and we travel all over Spain and also out of the country.
Should we have to travel, we would add mileage expenses, subsistence allowance, and hotel to our fees.

If the wedding consists of less than 100 people, we recommend one photographer, but we leave it up to you to decide. We always recommend two photographers in the case the wedding consists of more than 200 people. For filming the video we recommend two videographers so we are able to film a cinematographic video, and shoot the same scene from different angles.

We will deliver the complete wedding coverage three months after the wedding day, but to keep you from growing impatient, we will hand you over a selection of 50 images 20 days after the wedding took place.

You will have a total of at least 600 – 1.000 high quality photographs without water spotting. You will also have 5 HD quality videos, a 2-3 minute wedding trailer, a 10-minute wedding film, and 3 video clips (ceremony, cocktail + banquet, and celebration party). We will hand you over the photographs and video material in a pen drive, and we will keep your files for one year, in case of loss or if you were to have any other problem with the material.

When we deliver our material, we also hand over a set of 20 paper printed photographs. Once you have been delivered your complete wedding coverage you can choose your 20 favourite images to be printed on paper. Each extra photograph you would like to have printed will have an extra cost of 2€, and you will have one month and a half to send us your selection of photographs to be printed.
We will upload to an online gallery a selection of 300 photographs for all the guests to download through a password. This gallery selection will be the same one you will see put together, and with background music. We will send you the link to the photo gallery between 15 and 30 days after we have delivered all Volvoreta’s material.

To book our services you can get in touch by e-mail and confirm your date. The next step is to make a deposit of 300€ if you only want a photographic or video coverage, and 600€ if you would like both, photographic and video coverage.

It is possible to see in social networks and other media, that many couples collaborate with Volvoreta in making public our work. Once we have covered your wedding, and if you are satisfied with the result, we will ask, with your supervision, authorization to use some of your wedding images in Instagram or our website. For those couples that are daring, and are also very pleased with our work, we will ask if you would like to think together a selection of images for our blogs and favourite magazines.
If you do not feel comfortable with this previous option we can sign a confidentiality clause for 250€ that will prevent anyone from seeing your images as far as Volvoreta is concerned.